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Mission Statement


"Rumenworks aims to make a difference in the way we supplement cattle and sheep. By striving to maximise economically the performance from the feed resources available."


Rumenworks Nutrition is an Australian wide animal food and nutrition supplier. We provide high quality feed and supplements to give your cattle the nutrition they need, especially to the heart, uterus and rumen. We believe it is important to provide supplemental nutrition in times of excess or deficiency to ensure healthy livestock. We are dedicated to supplying nutrition supplements to maintain livestock well being.



Livestock Management Range


From our research, we have found four key areas that affect the improvement of production performance in wool growth, milk production and growth rates. These four areas are:


  • Green Feed Supplementation
  • Dry Feed Supplementation
  • Intensive and Semi-Intensive Feeding
  • Enhancing Reproductive Performance
  • Dairy Feed Management


Our products are designed to maintain high amounts of nutrition to help livestock through specific processes, such as birthing. Our products support your livestock through these four periods of nutrient excess and deficiency.


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