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tech notes & trial work


Rumenworks Nutrition is constantly striving to improve livestock performance and hence improve the dollar return per hectare. As such, we are constantly trialing and experimenting with new concepts & ideas. Below is a selection of some or our research findings and trial results.


If more information is required please contact either Ross Gibson or Ben Foster (Northern NSW).


Technical Notes

The following technical notes have been written to provide a more in depth understanding of certain aspects of supplementing sheep and cattle.


  1. Soils and Supplementation
  2. Good Seasons Hard to Manage
  3. Improving Consumption of Green Feed Licks
  4. Managing Dry Feed Supplementation
  5. Introducing Cattle & Sheep Licks for Bloat Management
  6. Principles Behind Dark Cutters
  7. Setting up a 21 Day Weaner Program


Trial Data

Please note all these trial(s) have been conducted by independent parties.





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